Thursday, August 20, 2009

3 Items to describe yourself...

Ryleigh had her first homework assignment. She had to pick 3 things that described her or that she liked and they had to fit into a brown paper bag. This really was a fun project. She took her time deciding and analyzed every item in her room. I thought for sure she would get something that had tinkerbell on it. She actually did a really good job on the project. I seriously didn't help her at all. So here are her 3 items...
1. The 1st thing she picked was the little dog that goes to her playhouse. She said she picked it because it reminds her of Gus and she loves her gussy gus. (thats what she calls him.)
2. The 2nd thing was the pink bunny rabbit. At first I really didn't want her to pick that because I don't like stuffed animals. I asked her what that has to do with her and her reply was "It's pink and thats my favorite color and she has a big bow and I love bows!" So I thought that fits her perfectly!
3. The 3rd thing she picked was her Jesus bracelet. She loves that bracelet and said that she wanted to take it because she loves Jesus.
She is doing really well in school and seems to be enjoying it.  

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Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you.

Love you,
Aunt Melissa