Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We have been really busy lately so this is a two weekend recap! The weekend before last we had 4 birthdays, F-O-U-R!! So instead of having 4 different birthday parties we had one big one.
Look at all the cakes!! So Happy Birthday to Tammy, Aunt Cheryl, Evan and Larry!
This is Tanner man and Whitney at the party. Notice his shirt, its our attempt to make his dress "cooler" I think we are successful, that shirt is the cutest thing ever!
Ryleigh and Aunt Tammy. That night she had a slumber party with Aunt Tammy at her house. To say she was excited would be an understatement, she was PUMPED!!
Poor Tanner man had nothing to do so Aunt Velvet said he could come stay with her. So Ryan and I were kid less on a Friday night and so show how boring we are, we went home and went to sleep. I know its a fast paced life we lead! 
This is a picture of Tanner turning into Ryleigh right before our very eyes. She always turns her head when you try to get a good picture of her and he has never done that until recently. 
This past weekend we were really busy. Friday night kicked off High School Football so that means 5th Quarters begin for us. Every year I forget how tiring they are. I had to work Saturday so I only stayed until 11 but Ryan didn't get home until 1 am. He hasn't stayed up the late since...well I guess last year during 5th Quarters! Saturday I had to work and the kids were at moms. After I got off we met some friends of ours at the water fountain in Malbis and then back to their house to watch the UFC fights on PPV. We put the kids to sleep in their bed (Ryleigh, Tanner and Zoe) and they looked to cute. Sarah took a picture but I didn't have my camera. I'll have to get it from her. 
Here is the two people that make my blood pressure go through the roof!! Sunday we just hung out around the house. We couldn't go to church b/c our power was out all morning.
This is a picture of the purple people at church that I have mentioned before. Tanner LOVES the purple people. He actually wants to be that for Halloween. Here is him trying to dress up like one...
If he does this for Halloween we will have to get him a better costume! 
This Thursday we are leaving for the beach. I am so excited!! We will be gone Thursday thru Monday. It's our only real family vacation we are having this year. SO I'll have a lot of pictures from that. Hope everyone is having a great week!!

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