Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

This first picture pretty much sums up how I felt last night when we got home...EXHAUSTED!
For labor day weekend I took off Friday and we left for the beach Thursday afternoon. We had a lot of fun and stayed through Monday night. We played in the sand...

The Hulk and The little Mermaid!
We also got airbrushed tattoo's...Ry got a butterfly and Tanner got Batman!

We played in the water fountain. We were suppose to go to Waterville on Sunday but we woke up that morning and it was STORMING! so we went and got doughnuts then came back and took a nap. Once we got up it had stopped raining so we went to the outlets and they played on the playground and in the fountain and rode the carousel. 

Saturday all of our friends were down so we went to Lindsay's beach house and hung out there all day. The guys wakeboarded and we hung out on the pier and the boat. Saturday afternoon we had a Bama at the Beach party! It was so much fun. We grilled out at a gazebo in Orange Beach and watched the game on our big tv with all of our friends! Ryleigh and Tanner were so good the whole time!
When we got there Thursday night we went down to the beach and caught sand crabs, flew kites and let them run around. We did the same thing Friday night to but we also went fishing then. 
Tanner loved all the jellyfish that washed up on the beach!
Ryleigh loved drawing in the sand!

Friday afternoon we went and ate lunch at Lu Lu's and then had cheesecake at Hope's cheesecake. It was so GOOD!! I love cheesecake!!

I love this picture of her. It looks like she is saying "Oh my Word!" I also didn't tell her to sit like that. It's her new thing! 
This week starts back to our routine. Ryleigh missed school on Friday and they were out on Monday so she's ready to get back. She also starts dance on Thursday and is very excited about that!! Tanner man starts potty training today so keep us in your prayers as I lose my mind!! It's funny that we just went through this with Ryleigh not to long ago and I already don't remember a thing from it! 

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