Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lindsey's Shower

Lindsey had her first shower this past Saturday. It was given by all of our Aunts and it was so pretty! You may remember me mentioning the cupcake tower we were making for it, well here it is...
I'm so happy to report that it turned out so good!! Everyone loved it and the cupcakes on it were so good to!
This is us getting everything ready for the shower. The kids and I came from the beach so I wanted to wear something comfortable over. I wanted to just wear this for the shower but they wouldn't let me! :)
Here's The Bride, the Maid Of Honor and the Runner Up for Maid Of Honor!
Our aunts did a wonderful job of decorating. Everything looked fantastic and the food was so good! They joked that they should start a wedding planning business...I veto that idea. They would bite each others heads off!
Once everyone got there I was in charge of thanking everyone for coming and saying a few words about Lindsey and Brandon. Well before the shower Whitney and I came up with a great rap to say. It's not going to sound the same when you just read it because you actually have to rap it and do the dance but it was:
"Thank you everybody for coming today!"
"Now, Let's all get together, Let's Jam Buddy!!" (Let's Jam Buddy would be said as we pointed to the tiers of the cupcake tower, L-J-B!
Whitney said that's what it stand for instead of Lindsey and Brandon Johnson.
All the wonderful food! I probably gained 10 pounds on Saturday!
This is a good friend of our family Ciara's baby, Emmalyn. She is so cute! Ciara couldn't come to the shower but her mom Mrs. Delayne was babysitting and brought her. She was so sweet!
I know, we are so weird.
Resting after setting up waiting on time for it to start. We had a great turn out, I think there were more than 50 people there! She got a lot of great stuff!
Can't wait until your next shower Lindsey!

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