Monday, August 16, 2010

Bloody Nose

Last night Ryan and I went to sleep around 9 and we were passed out in no time! We had very little sleep this weekend so we were exhausted. Ryleigh and Tanner still technically sleep in their beds but some nights the end up in ours. Well at about 4 AM I was dead alseep. Like the kind of sleep where you haven't woken up all night. Anyway it was 4 AM and all of a sudden I feel someone basically punch me in the nose! It hurt so bad!!!

I looked over and Ryleigh is sound asleep right next to me. She is a terrible sleeper and moves, kicks and hits all night long. When I put my hand up to my nose I could feel blood. She literally busted my nose. I got up and went to the bathroom well when I turned the bathroom light on it woke Ryan up. When he looks over all he sees is me covered in blood. It was all over my face and shirt and the bathroom floor. He had no idea what had happened. When I told him he started laughing and went back to sleep.

It literally took me 30 minutes to get it to stop bleeding and it's bruised today.

So thanks Ryleigh for busting my nose! I've never been hit in the nose before and didn't realize how painful it was. I think the pain was even worse for me since I was sound asleep!!

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