Monday, April 12, 2010


Our first trip to the ER...Well, actually the Urgent Care Center but pretty much the same thing. Ryleigh was walking out of the pool area and slipped and fell, face planting into the concrete floor. We walked up to the room and everyone voted and we decided to take her in. It wasn't really bleeding that badly but you could see some meat hanging out. Whitney went with us to the doctor and we had to switch places half way there so I could ride in the back with her. 
Here we are on the way. 
When we first got there she literally SCREAMED her head off the entire time. Seriously, she would not calm down. I think she thought they were going to cut her open. Finally after a lot of goofing off on Aunt Whitney's part she calmed down. 
The doctor went back and forth deciding between stitches or the glue stuff. He finally decided on the glue. Thankfully that meant no needles or shots!
She has been completely fine today and hasn't even thought about it until you ask her and then she just says "It's much better today!"

We have to have something exciting happen every year at Spring Break! Hopefully that is all the excitement for this year! 

Join us tomorrow as the featured post will be The Life in the Day of Velvet. 

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