Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dance Dance!

Monday night Aunt Lisa asked us over for dinner so we went over there to eat. Ryan had a mission trip meeting at church so he had to eat and leave. Whitney also came over to eat. She was apparently starving and based on the amount of sweat she arrived covered in, her Ac is still not working! (really she had just got back from playing basketball) Anyway, after we ate Whitney and I went to our house and Ryleigh wanted to show off her latest dance moves.
If you haven't seen them just envision someone having a seizure while smiling and laughing!
What can I say, she gets it honest.
So as they were dancing around Tanner fell down. He started screaming crying but I thought he was just upset because he fell. He didn't hit anything he just fell on the carpet. He cried for like 15 minutes straight so Whitney and I decided we should probably take him to the ER. Ryan and Aunt Lisa talked us out of taking him and said if it was still hurting him in the morning to just take him then. After and hour of crying we finally got him calmed down and asleep.
at about 1:30 in the morning I heard him screaming crying so I got up to go in Ry's room to get him and I tripped over him. He was lying in the middle of the hallway saying he couldn't walk b/c his foot hurt!
First thing Tuesday morning I called the doctor and they said to bring him in. We did and he said that he thinks he may have broken his leg and sent us to get Xrays at the hospital.
Here is Tanner on the Xray table (the pictures were taken with my phone that's why they look so bad). he did really good the whole time. We told him they just wanted to take pictures of his foot. The Xray guy said that he was the best patient of his age he has ever had. He got 3 suckers! after that we had to wait on the results so we went and ate lunch at Roly Poly. The pediatrician finally called around 12 and said that it was broken and that we have an appt with the Orthopedic doctor at 2:45.
This is Ryan trying to entertain Tanner while we waited on the doctor. By this time he was tired of waiting rooms.
So were we. Finally it was cast time. He broke his chin bone and they said he will have to wear a cast for 2 weeks. They said if an adult would of had the same break they would of had a series of cast over a 12 week period. He picked a green cast. I thought he would of chosen blue but we let him pick whichever color he wanted. When he saw the pink one he said "Ryleigh can get one to!"
Here he is showing it off. He thought it was pretty cool
Ryleigh was a little upset at first that she didn't have one but by this morning she was glad bc Tanner can't go swimming. Hopefully it will heal fast and he can get it off. He still hasn't got comfortable enough to walk on it but hopefully he will soon! He's to heavy to carry all the time!

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