Monday, August 9, 2010

I feel like a terrible mom! Tanner, for the past few months has been walking on his tip toes. Everywhere we goes he would always do it. We thought he just liked to bounce around. Well that's not the case. It turns out that he has planter warts on the bottom of his feet so it hurts for him to walk. He never said anything about them!!
This past week I made him a doctors appt for Saturday with a foot doctor to have them looked at. He said they were pretty bad and one of them was still active. He said we were going to have to start freezing treatments. NOT FUN! Here we are before they started them. He had to scrap around the warts and it made them bleed pretty bad. He then made Tanner lay face down and starting the freezing treatments. Tanner screamed the entire time! Even Ryleigh was crying because Tanner was crying so bad.
The worst part is we have to do 5 more treatments! As soon as we were out of there he was completely fine and didn't say anything else about them all day!
I used to think we were a pretty accident/hospital free family. Well I'm beginning to believe that this is not the case. I mean Tanner has had a broken leg, Ryleigh busted her chin open, Ryleigh got a splinter under her toenail and now Planter Warts. Goodness Gracious, what's next!

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