Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Monday morning we left the beach pretty early and headed back to Mobile. Ryleigh had a doctors appt at 1:30 at our Pediatrician's office. We didn't really think they would be able to get the splinter out but we needed a referral to a surgeon.
He said that there was no way he could get it out and referred us to Dr. Galloway at Mobile Infirmary. (Tanner loved the room she was in, Buzz Lightyear!)

We couldn't see Dr. Galloway until Tuesday and Ryan couldn't meet me. Mom called and said that she would but I told her I would be fine. Thank Goodness she didn't listen to me and came anyway! When we walked in mom realized that is was the group that Denise (a good family friend of ours) is the office manager. She was so great and made the whole thing much easier! She took us right back and the doctor immediately came in.
He said that the best safest option would be to give her the numbing shot and get it out with surgical tweezers as opposed to going to Mobile Infirmary and doing outpatient surgery. The thing about the shots is she would have to have 4 of them ALL in her big toe! The surgeon said that it is the worst shot and it hurts so bad. He said grown men cry when they get it. So we laid her on the table and me, mom, Denise and the nurse were all holding her down. When he did the first shot she lost it she was screaming her head off which in turn made me cry, it was AWFUL!! I never cry when they get shots but this was insane.
After the shots we waited a few minutes for them to take effect and then he pulled it out. She cried during that to but I think just because she could see him doing it and we made her get back on the table.
So after a new stuffed animal puppy, a smoothie, $5 from mom, a gift bag full of candy from Ryan and renting a movie, she was fine. I'm so thankful that is over! Also thank so much to Mrs. Denise who made the process a heck of a lot less painful!! We were in and out of there in no time at all!! Also, thanks to mom who knows when not to listen to me and came anyway!

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Anonymous said...

owww....made me hurt just looking at the picture. Glad that Denise was there to make the process much easier for all involved.
So happy that all went well and everyone is happy again!
Mrs. DeLayne