Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Splinter

See that dark straight line on Ryleigh's big toe? Yep, it's a splinter. A HUGE splinter!

She was playing on the pier today and got it stuck under her toe. Her toenails were painted bright green to match her bathing suit (she wanted them to match!) So at first we couldn't even tell there was one in there.
I called her doctor because there was no way to get it out. It broke off at the top so it's impossible to get to. The nurse said that as long as she wasn't in pain anymore that it would be fine to wait until tomorrow. She also said that she doubts there will be a way to get it out without doing SURGERY!!
So say a prayer, we are going to take her in tomorrow. I know it won't be a big deal but anytime you hear the words surgery when referring to your child you get a little freaked out!

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