Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday's Letter

I read a really great blog called Today's Letters. She writes a letter everyday to random things in her life and always 2 to her husband. I really love the idea of it and although I don't want to commit to do anything daily but showering I'm going to try to start doing it on Fridays.

Dear Ryan, I thoroughly enjoyed our spontaneous "date" to Panini Grill and Home Depot last night. You are disqualified from the race we had from the front of Home Depot to the car. On the grounds that you said we weren't racing and then took off! So. Not. Fair. Dear Summer, Please go by slower, I cannot believe that it is already July! The kids will start school in August and it seems impossible that I have two kids old enough to be in school. Dear Tanner, when you look back on pictures of yourself from this summer please know that it is your dad who refuses to let me cut your hair. He wants to see how big and poofy it will get before school starts. I'm apologizing in advance to you. I'm sorry. Dear Friday, please pass by fast we for once in our lives have a low key weekend. I know, SHOCKER! And Lastly Dear Ryan, thanks for not only being my husband but also being my friend. You reminded me last night of the many reasons why I love you I think my number1 is the fact that we sometimes act like we are kids still. Proof being the race through the parking lot, the piggy back ride through Home Depot and the singing of Fergie's my humps in the car last night. I love your laugh.
Peace Out!

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