Monday, July 12, 2010

Ryleigh in 20 years

The other night Ryleigh and I stayed up way past her bedtime talking. I love this age that she is in where she is content to sit down beside me and just have a conversation. We talked about her and what she likes. We talked about my job and what I do. We talked about Ryan and Tanner. We talked about God and why we believe in him.

We sat and talked for a good 45 minutes. I wanted to record what she said about her future. So when she's older and looks back on this we can laugh!

She said she will never move out of our house. I explained that I used to live at Mi Mi's in the room that is now their playroom. When I got married I moved out. She said she didn't care. When she gets married they will both live at our house. Except he'll have to sleep in Tanner's room because her room is a girl room! :)

She wants to have 2 kids, both girls. She wants to name them Madison and Baisley. (I suggested Paisley, because I'm currently OBSESSED with that name and she said nah, Baisley!)

We talked about what she wants to be when she grows up and she said "I want to go to college and then they'll tell me." I explained that it doesn't work like that and she can pick to be anything she wants to. She then said she wants to be a worker. I then explained that you go to work somewhere like a lawyer, doctor, banker, astronaut ect. But that an actual "worker" isn't a job. She then said I want to work at the bank right beside you!

It was such a great conversation with my girl. She is getting so big and I'm loving the stage we are in now.

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