Thursday, July 15, 2010


Monday night out of nowhere Ryan decided that he wanted to go buy the kids some bikes. They've never had them but because we really don't have anywhere to ride them. Well I told Ryan let's just wait and get them on Saturday and we'll make a whole day out of it. But, No. Once he gets something in his mind he is going to do it. So after running Monday night we headed to Wal Mart.

Please take notice of Ryleigh's outfit. Yes, she went into a store dressed like that. Thankfully we didn't see anyone we knew.
I was telling my friend Sarah the story of the bikes and she pointed out how Ryleigh is a lot like me and Tanner is a lot like Ryan.

When we first walked down the bike aisle the 2 bikes that instantly caught their eyes were the Disney Princess and Spiderman bike. Well everyone knows I can't stand characters but on a bike I would be ok with them.

Until I looked at the price tag...they were $75! For a kids bike! We kept looking around and found some other ones that weren't character bikes and in my opinion were 100% cuter that were only $40. The girl one was pink and purple with flowers and the boy one was red and black with fire. Much more tolerable than Disney Princess and Spiderman.

I asked them what they thought about those 2 bikes. Both said they wanted the character bikes.

We then told them that the character bikes were much more expensive for the exact same thing. Ryleigh said how much more expensive? I told her $35 and that basically she could buy 2 of the pink bikes for one of the Princess bikes. She immediately said she wanted the pink bike. That girl knows the value of a dollar!

Tanner on the other hand didn't care he still wanted the Spiderman bike. He's been saving his money for a real Buzz Lightyear that talks. They are $35 at Wal Mart. He has about $32 saved up so far. I told him that he could get the Spiderman bike but he would have to pay the difference and then he wouldn't have any money left to buy Buzz Lightyear. He STILL didn't care!!

In the end we made him get the red bike because I knew that he wouldn't care once we got home.

It's funny to me that Ryleigh is a saver and doesn't have to have everything. She is also very practical and usually if you give her the reasons behind something she well go along with it. Tanner is the complete opposite. He wants what he wants and doesn't care how much it is. That's one of the main reasons I'm making him save for the Buzz Lightyear as opposed to just going and buying it for him. He needs to learn how to save up for something he wants!

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