Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday's Letter

Dear Lance Armstrong (aka Ryan), although you may be able to ride your bike for 20 miles at an 18 miles per hour pace does not mean that your slightly less out of shape (but much better looking) :) wife can. So please cut me some slack this Saturday. Dear Tanner, next time you catch a frog in a cup and decided to leave it on my nightstand for the frog to escape and then scare me to death in the middle of the night, don't. Thanks. Dear Whitney, I loved your response when I told you that Ryleigh and Tanner had to have the 3rd size up on bikes. "OMG make them stop growing right now, seriously, immediately." Please come see us soon we miss your beautiful face! Dear Ryleigh, contrary to popular belief you are only 4 years old and no, you do not need a cell phone. If I ever need to reach you I can just look to my left. Sorry to spoil your fun. Dear Lindsey, Only 85 days until your wedding. I cannot wait! It's going to be so much fun! Dear Mr. Stokley, 5 points for not being mean to me when we've been running this week. I would also like to give myself 5 points for not face planting on the trails you made me run. I just knew I was going to trip over a stump.
I love you more than chap stick!

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