Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend Rewind

We had a busy fun weekend...but I think I've came to the conclusion that that is every weekend of ours. I told Ryan this coming up weekend we aren't making any plans. NONE!

Friday night we went to my friend Lindsay's and made homemade brick oven pizza's and went swimming.
Lindsay thinks she's a pro! She actually is much better than when we first started making them. The first time instead of having round pizza's we had rectangle ones. We've came a long way!
The pizza's are SO good. We tried a few new ones and my favorite is BBQ Chicken, Ryan likes the Buffalo Chicken.
This is their back yard. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it out there. And it has everything you would need. A Bathroom, kitchen and TV.

Tanner likes to play in the hot tub b/c he can touch. He'll throw that ball for Bailey their dog for hours!
Saturday we met mom that morning to get the kids and we went bike riding. They were having a slumber party with Morgan and Carlee and were very excited!
There was a whole group of us that went and we rode about 20 miles.
Ryan thinking he was 16 again he started to jump down these stairs and at the last minute chickened out a just rode down them. Thank goodness, he's not as young as he used to be!

We stopped about halfway back and went in this cute candy store. I love Fairhope it's such a beautiful little town.
Sunday afternoon I went to pick up the kids from mom and we celebrated Mrs. Barnes birthday! Happy Birthday Mrs. Barnes. Sunday night we had an engagement party for our friends Courtney and Ward. Ryleigh and Tanner LOVE Ward...They call him Pooter Tooter. I have no idea why! They had just gotten engaged Saturday night.
We have a lot coming up in the next few weeks. Ryleigh and Tanner start swim lessons next Monday for 2 weeks and then they both start school!!

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