Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, You are the only person I know who could trade our old lawnmower for a truck. Yes, it may be an old truck but it will get you back and forth to work fabulously without adding miles to your good truck. Is it weird that I'm proud of your trading abilities? Dear Tanner, Unfortunately the above picture is a true depiction of the way you went to the store last night with your dad in his "new" old truck. I apologize for letting him do that to you. Although no one probably even noticed the way you were dressed. They probably paid more attention to the fact that you had a snicker's ice cream bar smeared across your entire face. Dear Ryleigh, Your sales skills are remarkable. You had a very convincing point last night when you were trying to sell me a monkey from the store you had set up in the living room. You told me "He will do everything, you can just sit on the couch and watch TV, he even does laundry!" You speak my love language! I'll take 2 monkeys, please. Dear Whitney, I love the text messages we send back and forth throughout the day. They brighten my day. One of the conversations from last night read "If you can think of something else you would rather have me make let me know I'm all ears. Well not all ears because my ears really aren't that big...maybe all fingerprints, I have some massive fingerprints." 4 words for you You. Make. Me. Smile. Dear Aunt Velvet, I'm sorry for not telling Ryan to pick Evan up Wednesday night and therefore leaving him waiting for an hour. Please forgive me. Dear Man who also speaks my love language, Is it sad that the thing I'm most looking forward to this weekend is the waffles you promised to make me in the morning? Maybe it is, but you love me anyway which in return makes me love you more.

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