Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 of 2010

2010 has come and gone. It was such a fun year! I am ready for 2011 though!! One thing I LOVE about blogging is going back and reading past post. Here are our Top 10 Moments of 2010!
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Snow Day-This was such a fun day! To see snow in Mobile, Alabama!! The 4 of us don't care for cold weather so we are glad it doesn't snow often but when it did it was so fun to enjoy it!

Tanner turned 3-I still can't believe it and now he's almost 4!

Ryleigh turned 4-I don't know what it is about the age that she is at now but she is so excited about her upcoming 5th birthday! Is it at this age that it all kind of clicks for them? They understand they are getting older and what comes along with it...

Tanner played Tball-Still not sure about how we felt about this moment of 2010...some times he loved it and sometimes he hated it! He does say that he is going to play again this year. We shall see I guess!

Spring Break 2010-This has become one of my most favorite [parts of the year! A week at the beach in a nice condo with all my favorite people for pretty cheap since we all split it...yes, please! I can't wait to see what Spring Break 2011 holds this year!

Ryleigh's dance recital-Ryleigh had her first dance recital this past year. She did so good and we are so proud of her! I can't wait for this years recital. She is in 4 dances and I can't wait to see her in her hip hop routine!

ABC Kindergarten-Both of my babies were in school this year. Ryleigh started K4 and is doing so well. Tanner started K3 and bless his heart, he is getting the hang of it. We love ABC and are so thankful for the education they are receiving and the teachers who are there!

Disney-We took the plunge and went to Disney this year! It was a lot of fun and I'm glad we went. I don't however feel the need to go again for a LONG time. We are Beach Bums at heart and Disney was just to much.

Evan-Bless his heart. He gave us the scare of a lifetime and I'm so glad he's ok. We love you Evan and we look forward to MANY, MANY more years with you! Please don't do anything crazy anymore! :)

Lindsey-She gave us 2 big moments of 2010. She got married and I was the maid of honor and Ryleigh and Tanner were the flower girl and ring bearer. (Notice I still haven't put up any pictures of the wedding. I promise I'm going to. She just recently got the CD from the photographer.) The 2nd BIG moment is that she is pregnant!!!!! I know I've just blogged about it recently so there is probably no need to tell you all HOW EXCITED WE ARE!!!!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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