Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryleigh!


You are 4 years old today!! I cannot believe it! You are growing up way to fast. I remember the day you were born it was so exciting and just the thing our family needed. You are such a blessing and we love you so much!
You are so smart and make us laugh all the time. Just yesterday you told Tanner if he didn't ask Jesus to come into his heart then when he died he would go to the hot place with fire called Hotel. He said he didn't care. Then you started quizzing him on whether or not he understood how hot it would be! It was hilarious!

Just lately you have begun to talk just like an adult. Yesterday morning when I was getting you out at school I was trying to get you to hurry. You responded with "Mom, just hold on it's not that big of a deal if we are a few seconds late. Calm down!" I also have heard you say a lot lately "That's exactly what I was trying to say, glad you understand!
You have an imagination to big for me to keep up with. You come up with the craziest stories and scenarios to play out. Tanner loves this since his imagination hasn't quite caught up with yours. He likes to play off of what you say and by the time you guys are done you've been to the moon and back to save a purple cat that was shot to outer space by David and Goliath before Goliath was hit with the stone!
You love to dress up and are very conscious of your appearance. (I don't know if that is a good or bad thing.) You have just recently entered into this stage that I love! You are so sweet to everyone everywhere we go without me having to bribe you or make you like I used to have to. I think you figured out if you are nice to everyone all the time then you get what you want a lot more often.

You love to color and draw pictures. One of your favorite things to do is to draw on paper then wrap it up for me and dad to unwrap when we get home. You are doing so will in school and can write your name and also can recognize and write a few other letters.
I am so thankful for you and the wonderful joy you brong to our family. You are the perfect mix of prissy and tomboy; sassy and smart;beautiful and caring. Even though it stresses me out more often than not I am thankful that you don't take the world at face value. Even at 4 years olds you aren't afraid to ask questions and not believe what people tell you just because they told you. You made the point the other day that even sometimes even grown ups can be wrong. I hope you alwasy keep your wonderful outlook on life! Don't be afraid to take challenges and question things. I pray you will always question things you don't believe to be right or true.

Your daddy and I love you so much!!

Happy Birthday Ryleigh!!

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