Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Break 2010

A few pictures from our week at the beach...

I put this picture on here that way when I put bad pictures of other people (I have a great one of Aunt Cheryl and Mrs. Kim) they can't be mad! Seriously, I look ridiculous!!

We've had a GREAT week! Ryleigh has been excellent and Tanner well, he's been Tanner. He only wants his mama which drives me crazy. I know everyone says just wait until he doesn't want anything to do with you when he's 13. I have to remind myself of that but it still drives me crazy!
The kids are leaving in the morning with Aunt Lisa to go to moms for the weekend. Ryan and I are staying at the beach until Sunday. I'm very excited to spend a weekend with him alone after being down here all week with the kids. We have some fun stuff planned!

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