Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow Day

So it hasn't snowed in Mobile and actually stuck to the ground in like 15 years. Well last Friday that all changed! We had snow and it decide to stick around for a few hours!

At first when they said it was going to snow I didn't really want it to. I knew the banks wouldn't close and I didn't want to have to go to work in the snow! Well, the banks didn't close but they told me not to worry about coming in since we lived so far out and it was already snowing at our house. So I got up and put on a big pot of soup and waited for the snow! Around 10 it was still snowing but enough had fallen and stuck that we could go outside and play in it. Ryleigh and Tanner were so excited!

Look how much snow we had!We didn't have any water proof gloves for the kids so we just put on their regular gloves and and then put doctor type gloves over them. It worked pretty well.

You can't even see Tanner's face in this picture. He was all bundled up!

Our fabulous snowman!! Or I guess I should say snowwoman!
Ryleigh made snow balls and carried them around in her Easter basket. Tanner though it was hilarious so knock over her Easter basket!
I know these are out of order but my computer isn't cooperating and it's taken me long enough to even get them on here! But here is Mom and Aunt Lisa making part of the snowman. This was really funny to watch!! : )
It was such a fun day! We just hung out and played all day. Once we were finished playing in the snow we went to Moms and she made homemade hot chocolate. Then everyone came to our house to eat potato soup. We thought we would take a nap and then go back outside and play but once we woke up the snow was completely gone! It was actually kind of weird.
Last night when Ryleigh was saying her prayers she said "Dear Jesus, thank you so much for that very fun day you gave us. Remember, the snow day? Yea, I thought you'd remember because it was so much fun! Can we please have another one? Thank you, amen!"

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