Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The best day!

Saturday was one of the best days we have had in a long time. Ryan is still working weekends (which isn't fun) so we decided to meet mom at Cottage Hill Park. Well what started out as us and mom turned out to be the whole family! It was such a fun day!!
All the aunts put together a picnic lunch. Of course, it wasn't just sandwiches it was a full spread of food. It was insane! 
Look at the cute twins! They look just alike! They wouldn't take a good picture together. 
Me and Nana, she took a picture with me even though she was mad at me about Tanner's shirt he had on. (A peace sign, she wasn't really actually mad.) 
Take notice of how Jordan's knees touch the ground and Whiteys are almost a whole foot of the ground! Poor thing, she's so short!
They went round and round on this tire swing. I really thought Tanner was going to throw up! 
Here is Whitney trying to jump the fence after I did. Obviously she forgets how short she is! 
Morgan, Carlee and Ryleigh. They are such cute little girls!
Tanner playing Tball....
And Jordan playing golf! : )
After we ate, played on the playground, ran, played soccer, played tball, rode scooters, ate some more and played some more we went to play tennis. It was a lot of fun. I had never really played before. Mom used to play back in the day! She thought she was Venus Williams out there! : ) Seriously though, she was pretty good! 
Whitney and I look like pros!
Car Car playing. 
Ryleigh would act like she was hotting the ball but all she'd really do was throw it over and swing her racket at the same time!
After tennis we got ice cream from the ice cream truck. 
Then Larry called and we had to leave. Mom can't be away from him for more than 2 hours at a time! just kidding...well sort of!

We really did have the best time that day. We stayed at the park from 11 to almost 3:30! It was so fun to just hang out and have no real plans and just play all day. 
It's days like today that make me so thankful for our family. I love how we can turn a spontaneous day at the park into an entire event. 

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