Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guess who's playing T-Ball!

This past Saturday we signed Tan Man up for T-Ball. He is so excited about playing! Technically you are suppose to be 4 or 3 turning 4 sometime during the season. Well Tanner is 2 turning 3 during the season but they didn't say anything when I registered him. Probably because he was the biggest kid in the room. He was way taller than every 4 year old there.

We went to Academy and got all the things he would need to start practicing at home. (Just and FYI, T-Ball isn't cheap!) Ryan was very upset about the glove we had to get him. When we were looking at the gloves Ryan found a Nike T-ball glove he wanted to get him.
Price Tag-$35.99
I was thinking Ryan needs to get less expensive taste! He then noticed that the glove was for right handed people and Tanner is left handed. (I don't know if I'm saying that right or not all the right handed, left handed stuff confuses me in baseball. But whichever one he is its the one that isn't common and they make a lot more money! : ) Or at least that's what I'm told.) So when we go to look at the gloves for the left handed kids, there is one glove for Tball. Just one. It's a Rawlings.
Price Tag-$8.99
I thought well that's good at least his glove isn't expensive! Ryan on the other hand didn't want to buy "A cheap" glove! Well to bad buddy, it's all they have! (Inside I'm secretly smiling very big!)

Then on to the bats. The first one Ryan picked out was a Nike bat. It was really cool looking, it was red and orange and Tanner really liked it.
Price Tag-$17.99
Not to bad I thought. Well at least until some baseball know-it-all that was standing beside us said that Tanner would need to hold that bat straight out with one hand. If he couldn't then the bat was too heavy. Well the Nike bat was too heavy. It weighed 13 pounds. I was thinking oh good we can get a smaller bat and it'll be cheaper! Yay!
Well just another FYI for ya, the lighter the bat the more expensive it is. The new bat we found that weighs almost 11 pounds was $40!! That's insane!

We then went to get cleats.
We are a Nike family. I don't know what the main reason is but we are just brand loyal. All my running stuff is Nike (except my shoes, my heel is to tall for Nike tennis shoes. I know it makes no sense!) I just like their brand. They've been around for awhile and they aren't crazy expensive and you can normally find a lot of things on sale. Unlike my enemy The Under Armour!
When we were looking at cleats the only kind that were in Tanner's size were Under Armour. With their to high price tag and goofy logo. I drew the line there. I refuse to pay under armour price for a pair of size 10 toddler cleats! I'm hoping I can look around and find some more.
But, Oh Nike how you let me down on our trip to Academy. We walked away with a Rawlings glove, a no named bat and no cleats. I need to right a letter to their corporate headquarters.
Dear Nike,
Please get your act together. We have been a purchaser of your brand for years and most recently I'm sure you have seen an increase in your sales due to my family and our array of sporting activities we are currently participating in. For example, running, biking, dance and TBall. And now thanks to you my son has to go to Tball practice with mismatched brands and sporting equipment that is not up to par with the products you offer. Oh and why I'm at it please also make the heel of your tennis shoes deeper.
Thank you,

Anyway here is our future star baseball player in all his glory. (And with all his hair. He is in desperate, desperate need of a haircut!)

I like to think that his hair really didn't look like that all night and it was just the wind blowing it over to the side that resulted in him looking like Donald Trump.
Never mind the fact that we were inside when I took the picture!

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