Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things we learned

Here is a random list of things we learned at Nana and Paw Paw's house tonight.... matter how old I get it never gets old calling Velvet "Beater Weater Pumpkin Eater!" I'm glad I taught it to the kids to!

...nana moved up about 1,000 points on the cool scale once Ryleigh and Tanner discovered she has a Nintendo DS.

...Jordan had some awkard baseball pictures taken when he was younger. Evan was sure to point them out!

...speaking of them, if they get any taller Velvet is going to have to build a new house with 16 foot ceilings that they can fit in!

...for his birthday Tanner wants a 4-wheeler. A spiderman 4-wheeler, a black spiderman 4-wheeler.

...odds are, Evan will be sick tomorrow and miss school from running outside in 20 degree!! also looks like Ryleigh may be developing Evan's behavior when it comes to school...please no!!

...Velvet is officially Miss Skinny Minny. Maybe we'll change from beater weater pumpkin eater to Miss Skinny Minny...nah!

...Ryleigh got her mothers enthusiam for singing. Unfortunately for her she also got her mothers lack of ability to sing, without making your ears bleed!

...Ryleigh also taught Nana the "Church of God" way to sing. With your hands raises high!

We stopped by there tonight on our way home from church and the boys and Velvet walked over to. I love nights like tonight. When we just hang out and goof off!

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