Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Wesley (our cousin) keeps his horses in dad's barn. He has 2 maybe 3 horses. Well for what seemed like months he has been saying that one of his horses is pregnant. Ryleigh and Tanner were so excited at first but since it's been such a long wait their excitment had fizzled. Monday on my way home mom called to tell me that the horse had her baby!
When I got home I told the kids to get dressed and we had a surprise for them. They had no idea what it was. I think they had actually forgotten about the horse that was suppose to have a baby.
When we got to the barn they were so excited!! Here is the baby horse. It's a boy.

Tanner was quick to make the observation that he had really long legs. I said they're long like yours. He said "Mom, my legs don't look silly like his!"

See how happy they are! They tell everyone that it's their pony. So now all our friends think we've bought them a pony. I wish it would have waited a little longer and we could have pretended it was their birthday present!

I'm not sure what Wesley is going to name the pony. But since Tanner "thinks" it's his pony he named him Gumball! So at our house that's what we call the cute new pony.

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