Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday School

So I made the BIG mistake a few months ago of telling my friend Katrina that I would teach the 2 & 3 year Sunday School class. She teaches it every Sunday and was kinda getting burnt out on it. I felt bad because Ryleigh and Tanner are both in the class.

Just let me reinforce what everyone probably already knows. I was NOT called to serve in children's ministry. AT ALL.

When I agreed I thought its only 45 minutes one Sunday a month. It can't be that bad. Oh, but it is. First off Ryleigh and Tanner are EXTREMELY clingy when we are in there. I guess it's with all the other kids they feel jealous. Secondly, I know 45 minutes doesn't sound like a long time but when you are entertaining young kids it is!
Here we playing a game I made up. Each time we make a lap around the room the next kid in line goes to the front and gets to pick what we do for another lap. Such as run, jump, hop, dance, wiggle ect. They really liked it and it kept them entertained for awhile.

Thank goodness Ryan was there to help me! He is great with kids!

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