Monday, December 27, 2010


Warning: This post contains way to many exclamation points and capital letters. Its the only way I can show you guys HOW EXCITED I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am OVERJOYED to announce that Lindsey and Brandon are Expecting!!!!!!She is going to be a MOM and I'm going to be an AUNT!!!!!!

(Also Brandon is going to be a dad! Let's not forget about him! He played a big role in the whole thing! Ha ha!!)

So a little back story for everyone that I want to remember in years to come. The other day I was on Facebook and saw where Lindsey's friend Crystal had wrote on Lindsey's wall. She wrote "Can't wait until Christmas! ;)"

Ok, when you just read that did you notice the winky smiley face? Probably not but I did! I immediately called Lindsey like 5 times and texted her another 5. She wasn't responding to me and I was getting more excited by the minute. Why you may ask? Why would I get so worked up over a winky smiley face?? Well Crystal is pregnant and somehow I just KNEW that Lindsey was to and that is why Crystal wrote that. I just KNEW that she knew Lindsey was pregnant and Lindsey was waiting until Christmas to tell us.

When Lindsey wouldn't answer I immediately called Whitney and told her what I read and what I thought. She said..."Calm down Tiffany I think you are reading way to much into this winky smiley." I thought maybe you are right but who writes they are ready for Christmas on someones facebook wall for no reason and uses a WINKY SMILEY!!!! Not a regular one a WINKY SMILEY!!! Lindsey beeped in while I was talking to Whitney so I asked her if she was pregnant. She INSISTED that she wasn't and that she had no idea what Crystal meant by it and that actually she hadn't even noticed the winky smiley.

Well, fast forward to Christmas Eve. We were all there and Whitney and I go on to tell the story about the winky smiley and how I got so worked up over nothing. (that was Whitney's words, not mine. It wasn't nothing, it was a WINKY SMILEY!!) anyway, anyone who knows us knows how animated we are so we go on and on telling the story and everyone is talking about how dumb I am for reading so much into the stupid WINKY SMILEY.

Well fast forward to Christmas day. We are all at moms eating breakfast and Lindsey and her whole family came over to see us. Well Lindsey walked over to Nana and all of a sudden I hear Nana squeal and in 2 seconds flat I was over there. Guess What............(I know you already know but humor me...)

Lindsey is PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She has known since THANKSGIVING and has kept it a secret! Her friend Crystal did know because she saw Lindsey at the doctor. She wanted to wait and tell her parents Christmas morning and then told all of us.

Lindsey, I am SO SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED for you guys!!!!! You are going to be a wonderful mother!!! I also promise to be a WONDERFUL AUNT!!!!!!!!

I think I'm getting on Ryan's nerves it's all me and Ryleigh talk about anymore! We can't wait to keep it. I also can't wait until we find out what it is. She already has names picked out which I LOVE but I didn't ask her if I can share them so I'll wait on that! I'm also planning her a gender reveal party for when she finds out what it is. I can't wait!

CONGRATULATIONS Lindsey and Brandon!!! We couldn't possibly be happier for you!! (As you can tell from all the capital letter and my use of exclamation points!!!!!!)

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