Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Today was Tan Man's first day of K4! He was actually really looking forward to it and jumped right out of bed this morning and kept asking how much longer until we leave for school.
At ABC you don't walk them in you just pull through the car line. Even on the first day! That's the one thing I don't like about that school. Everything else makes it the best school ever! Anyway though we were early and had some time to kill so we went in Curves. So I ended up walking him to school and walked him into his class. He was really excited about that since we had just walked Ryleigh to her class that morning too.
 He walked right in and sat down and didn't cry or whine at all! He was just happy to be there and he was happy to have Mrs. Carter as his teacher.
 Tonight when I talked to him though he had changed his tune. He did not have fun at all and the only things they did that were even kinda fun were going outside and eating lunch. Everything else was "no fun at all!" He drives me crazy!! I am not looking forward to battling this all year long. Please say a prayer for us.

Tanner, Even though you said you didn't have a good first day I know you did. You always say stuff isn't fun even if it is. You even say you didn't have fun at Chuck E Cheese after the fact but while you were there you were laughing and playing the whole time. I really hope you come around to liking school because you have a heck of a long time to go!

I looked back at when he started K3 this morning and noticed that he wore the same shorts both years. That wasn't planned at all. Here is the link to K3. He has also gotten so big since last year.

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