Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, I love how you said I'll do the dishes tonight. So I went and got in the bed to wake up to the dishes still in the sink. Not cool. You did unload the dishwasher though which is the only other thing I refuse to do in our house. (Taking the garbage out is the other one. I've never done it once and I never plan to.) Dear Ryleigh, I thought I would love you wearing uniforms I however do not like it at all. They make you look too grown up! I'm glad you've had a great week and have and have gotten a smiley face everyday. I'm also glad that you are the teachers helper everyday! You are such a sweet girl and I love you. Dear Tanner, you have 13 years of school left so learn to love it. Mrs. Carter, I love that Tanner hates school when he's at home but loves it when he's there. I loves the text that I got from you saying Tanner said "I love school 60 times around the world!" Dear Paw Paw and Paw Paw Barnes, you both need to get to feeling better and come home! Our family is to big to all fit in a hospital room! :) Dear week, you have been the death of me. Seriously. I haven't gotten home before 8 all week long. Plus it's the first week of school so we are still settling into that routine. Maybe next week will be better. Dear Weekend, I heart you. Dear Erin Condren, I need to write an entire post about my love for my planner you made. It's a deep love! Dear Ryan, I love you for many reasons. Near the top of the list is the fact that you are the official garbage man at our house. I pay all of the bills but strangely I don't pay that one, you do. :)

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Sabrina said...

All of the talk of the Erin Condren planner's are seriously making me consider purchasing one!!! According to the talk I hear on should revolutionize my life!