Monday, August 29, 2011


We have had so much going on lately. Paw Paw and Paw Paw Barnes have both been in the hospital last week and the week before. Thankfully Paw Paw is out and doing much better. Paw Paw Barnes is still in the hospital but is doing much better than he was a few days ago.

It's taking us a few days to get back into our school routine. I will say though that it has gone much better than expected. They have been getting up in the mornings the first time I wake them up. Which is huge! I have been luring them out of bed with sugar infested cereal! (Before this year they've never really had cereal. I think I may have bought 5 boxes in all of their life. Now we go through 5 boxes a week). I know it's insanely unhealthy but it is what's working for us right now. :)

Football is in full swing and thankfully Tanner is starting to like it better. I wouldn't say he loves it but he doesn't cry all the time. Ryleigh starts soccer tomorrow and is really excited about it. She didn't want to cheer because it's too hot and she didn't want to sweat. Well I've got news for you Miss Priss, you are going to sweat in soccer too. I'm with Courtney, I give you 4 weeks until you are begging to be back in that air conditioned dance studio! (My friend Courtney, Ry's dance teacher said she wouldn't make it in the heat, Lol!)

This past week I was out of town for work in North Carolina and was involved in my first ever earthquake. It was crazy! We were completely fine but it was just crazy seeing the water in the pitchers sloshing around like crazy. This weekend we just laid low. I  felt like I couldn't catch up all weekend since I was gone all last week. Ryan did a good job at holding the fort down but I came back to mountains of laundry.

Saturday night we did go out with friends. Ryan and Courtney kept the kids and they had a great time! They talked about it all day long on Sunday. Our sweet friends Leslie and Blake are moving to Enterprise, AL. He got accepted to flight school. We went to Tacky Jacks and had a great time. 

 I look like I am newly engaged and trying to show off my ring....not the case. But isn't it a beautiful ring! :)

Sunday we just laid low and went to my friend Paige's daughter, Pearce's birthday party. The kids had a blast. They were even more excited about the party favors. Only Paige would have full fledged presents for all the kids as "party favors!"

Well I hope everyone has a fantastic week! I know we plan too!

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