Monday, August 15, 2011

Kindergarten Here We Come!!

This morning was Ryleigh Claire's first day of kindergarten. It is a big change for her. She is used to her very small private preschool and now she is going to a very large public school.
She took a while last night picking out what she was going to wear today. She wanted to wear shorts and I told her she had to wear a skirt or jumper. (I'm not a fan of shorts or skirts on little girls, ever. Especially not the first day of school!) Whitney was over and said we would flip a coin for skirt or shorts. Thankfully it came up skirt. (I'm not sure if Whit rigged it or not but I won!)
 She got up this morning and ate pancakes and got dress and it was off to school we went!
 Ryan of course took the morning off. He takes off for their first dentist appt so I don't know why I didn't assume he would take off for school .We walked her in and met her teacher and gave her the present we bought for her. (Like I said, I'm not above bribing teachers to like my kids! :)

She walked right in and sat at her spot and started coloring. She did kiss and hug me bye but she didn't even look twice when we walked out the door.
Last night we read 2 books about starting kindergarten and afterwards we took turns praying for the upcoming school year. This was her prayer word for word.
Dear Jesus,
Thank you for giving me a fun mommy and daddy. I hope at school my teacher is nice. I hope we have lunch before my stomach starts making noises. I hope I make lots of friends and look really cute in my uniform. Thank you Jesus for school and my mom. I love them both!!

It was so sweet!! I love that girl!! Good luck Ryleigh on your first day of school! I'm sure you will make lots of friends and you sure did look cute in your uniform this morning!!

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