Sunday, August 14, 2011

The things they say...

I just wanted to record a few of the crazy/funny things the kids have saved lately.

This morning at church I got to smalltown to pick the kids up a few minutes early. They were still in service so I snuck in to watch them. There were around 50  preschoolers all seated on the floor. They were talking about Jonah and the whale. Mrs. Letha asked the class "What do you think it smelled like in that whales belly?" I'm sure she was expecting them to name off some gross smells. The first answer was from Tanner. He shouted out "Gravy!!" Mrs. Letha was just like, well ok Tanner!

Ryleigh said yesterday in the car every time I get an eyelash I wish on it that you would have a new baby. That's sweet Ry but I doubt it's happening!

One of my best friends Tina had a new baby boy this week. Fisher is the cutest little baby!! I was showing Ry and Tan the picture of him and I said now Maddie (Tina's daughter) is a big sister like Ryleigh is a big sister to Tanner. Tanner said "I hope Maddie is nicer to Fisher than Ryleigh is to me!"

Today while we were getting uniforms ready for the big day tomorrow Ryleigh looked at me and said "I just really think I need to go back to ABC. I'm just really not feeling these uniforms every single day!"

I love this time in their lives. They are old enough to say whatever but sometimes it comes out in the funniest way! Can I please freeze them at 4 and 5??? I need to take a picture of them and post it. We have been at the beach all week and they are seriously so tan. Tanner looks like a little surfer with his curly blonde hair and tan body. We had a great week and are looking forward to all the craziness coming this week!

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