Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tiffany's insane habbits

This spring break has been one of the best ones we have ever had with the least people to ever stay in our room. With this being said we have really got to know everyone that stayed, Tiffany in particular. In just a short week we have discovered all of the weird things that make up Tiffany's life. So Courtney, Velvet, and myself (lil' Ryan) decided to list everything that makes her life unique to say the least.
1. There are three things that Tiffany could absolutely not live without and we are starting with chap stick. For this week alone she has brought 7 different sticks one for each day. It is attached to her body even her bathing suit when she lays out and panicked almost to the point of death when I hid it.
2. She puts lotion on any part of her body that touches water. She only uses the cheapest kind because it's the only REAL lotion. If her feet are filthy and then puts lotion on her feet she then feels clean and no need to bathe.
3. Tiffany also has an addiction to nose spray and at the rate she is going she will need nasal reconstruction surgery just like Micheal Jackson before the age of thirty. She begins to shake and tear up every time she is away from it.
4. The only attire that she will wear to bed is men's basketball shorts (thick band only) and a t-shirt. She has to pull them up as high as they will go so her "fat" will not hang over them. Big Ryan love this about her.
5. Her phone is not allowed to leave her side, she is one with it and no one on earth is allowed to go through it. She has EXTREME separation anxiety.
6. She has a weird theory of how to lose weight. Any time she doesn't want to overeat such as eating a WHOLE cupcake she will spray the unwanted half with windex so she won't eat it. So instead of throwing it away (where she will still eat it) or giving it to someone she decides to poison it. She carries a travel size windex with her everywhere she goes!
7. The only utensil she will use in the kitchen is scissors. She cuts potatoes, pizza, steak, and even cheese with these. She even likes to use them to trim her grass.
8. Don't stare at Tiffany too hard because she bruises easier than a soft tomato in a dryer. If you even touch her she will scream, "STOP! I bruise easy!!"
9. There is one insane one that deals with uncle Terry and public bathrooms that she won't let us post.

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