Tuesday, April 30, 2013

iPhone Dump

I haven't blogged in a while so the pictures are kinda piling up on my phone. Well actually I just took the plunge and bought a 5 so these were the last of the pics on my 4. 

Miss Priss is doing an excellent job in soccer. Her coach this year was a professional soccer player in Mexico so he's pretty hard core. She's learned a lot from him. 
I love pictures of them when they are asleep in the car after a long day. 
This is my happy place. No, I don't be reminded of how much I didn't want him to buy it.
Lunch after church one Sunday. 
Ryleigh and I have started doing these cute buns. They work out great for Rainy days! 

We love Shane's! 
And Chill! 

The past few Sunday nights we started a Sunday night tradition. Everyone comes over and plays kickball and east crawfish. It's so fun!! There's not another group of people I would rather spend my Sunday night with!

And the tree climbing has begun! 
This girl knows a good bag when she sees one! I have the bigger one in black so she really wanted the smaller one just like mine in pink. $100 says Ryan buys it for her. 
I had to capture this moment since most of the time they can't stand each other. At least they love each other when they are sleeping! 
A good friend of mine is good friends with Tim Tebow so when he saw him a few weeks ago he got his autograph for Tan Man! Speaking of work, I'm not writing this to brag but just to remember it...I'm number one in my department in the whole company for the year so far! I'm pretty excited about that!! 
Spring Break pics are coming soon! We had a great week and were sad to have to wake up early on Monday!

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