Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I need an appointment book

I live out of my car. Seriously, I spend about 60% of my day driving from place to place. I've come to love books on CD and Pandora. I can also get lots of phone related errands done. I talk to clients on the phone constantly from my car and when I need to write something down I can't EVER find anything to write on! So I improvise! These pics were all taken on different days. 
 I keep up with all my appts in my blackberry but obviously can't put them in while I'm on it AND driving so I have to jot them down then do it later. One of these days I'm going to forget and be in trouble!
 Apparently, I need to be at somewhere on Moffett Rd at 9:15 tomorrow, lol!
I should really invest in a planner or at the very least some post it notes!

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