Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tan's Birthday Day

Tanner's birthday fell on a Tuesday this year and we are firm believers that no one should ever have to go to school on their birthday. :) So we all 4 played hookie and had a fun day! 

 When he got up he had a scavenger hunt to find his presents. That was a big hit! I liked it to because it built up his anticipation. Although he was already pretty excited and had been asking everyday for the past month if he could open his present. Ryan wasn't helping the situation by telling him that he would let him and it was all my fault!

 This is when he opened his big present, a Kindle! Ryleigh was NOT happy about it!

 After presents and everyone getting ready we headed to Krispy Kreme and had breakfast.
 Then to the arcade.
 Then to Bass Pro Shop to shop and eat lunch.

 THEN to the battleship! He had a list that he had made the night before of everywhere he wanted to go and if we stopped somewhere that wasn't on the list he would get mad and say it wasn't on the APPROVED list!

 Then we came home and had breakfast for dinner! I think he had a fun day! Today is his party so I'll post pics from that next. This whole blog week has been about Tan Man!

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