Monday, March 11, 2013


Spontaneous. That is something that I am not. AT ALL. I like a good time and I love to go and do things but I need them to be planned. Months in advance if at all possible. But on Friday I lost my mind. I've been working like a crazy person and have been really busy. All of last week I was out of town in Texas for work so I hadn't seen my people all week.

I was suppose to have to go to Biloxi on Friday afternoon so Ryan was just going to tag along and then we were going to go eat and hang out at the casinos. Well around 10:30 my appt emailed me to cancel so then we had no plans. I'm not sure if it was my exhaustion or how overwhelmed I've been feeling lately but I called Ryan and said meet me at home by 11:30 and we are leaving at 12 and heading to Orlando. He seriously thought I was kidding. We had been talking about going for a while but just never made the "plans." He walked in the door and I had us completely packed and ready to go. Seriously. So at 12 we left and went to pick the kids up from school to head out. They had no idea where we were going. (they figured it out though and were excited.)

We had no hotel reservations, park tickets or anything else you would normally have when you are taking a trip. We had 2 duffel bags of clothes that I had thrown in straight from the dryer. We were really really out of my comfort zone. On the way there I was on the computer making reservations and I called Universal and the lady was really helpful. She did however inform me that the crowds would be really bad since it was Spring Break. Fail! This is why it pays to PLAN!! I was bummed about it but we were halfway there so there was no point in turning around.

I'm so glad we didn't! We had the ABSOLUTE BEST WEATHER!!! The high was 75 and sunny both days and guess what??? There were NO CROWDS!!! Like seriously, the longest we waited was 30  minutes and that was in the afternoons. We rode everything once in the mornings with a wait of less than 10 minutes.

Saturday we went to Universal and Sunday we went to Island of Adventures. We wanted to go to Sea World too but couldn't swing it in just 2 days.

The kids were so good and it was so fun to just get away and have no agenda. We had no schedule to go by or pre planned park agenda. We just went with the flow. It's the only time I've ever left a theme park vacation without feeling like I need another vacation.

At night we hung out in Downtown Disney and City Walk and just walked around and shopped and checked stuff out. It was a great time with my people. I would say the one thing we didn't "plan" for was that it was daylight savings time. Not so cool when you are already a hour ahead of your normal time.

I also left our house in a mess! I had been gone for 4 days and haven't even unpacked the suitcase from Texas. Between, work, Tball and basically just life, our house had gotten out of control. Also something I can't stand. I normally can't just leave it like that but I did and I'm proud of myself!! In an hour we will be home and back to reality. I won't make this a regular occurrence but it was fun to do something spontaneous!!

I'll post pics in the next few days.

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