Saturday, December 22, 2012


Our kids don't believe in Santa...I know, insane! Go ahead and get the shock out of your system. :)

We've gotten a lot of questions in the past few weeks about why they don't believe in Santa. We have many reasons on why we think it's better for them not too think he's real.

The funny reason is that Ryan doesn't want Santa to get credit for the presents he buys! Lol!

The other reason is that we also encourage them to always tell us the truth and we promise to do the same to them (in an age appropriate way.) So we don't see the point in lying to them about Santa. Because basically that's what it is, lying. Now I know that may seem kind of extreme but its my blog, haha! We teach them on a daily basis that Jesus is a real person who performed real miracles. Not make believe ones that involve reindeer and red suits. We don't want to use Santa as a distraction on the real meaning of Christmas. This also helps when we are teaching them to give. They used their money to buy bikes for other kids this year. If they believed in Santa then they wouldn't need to give back because Santa would take care of it.

We still do the fun Christmas stuff. We have an Elf on the Shelf, we get pictures made with Santa and put out reindeer food and cookies for Santa. We don't discourage the fun of it all. But seriously, one man goes around the whole world in one night to deliver toys?? That's not even believable! I mean the love Cinderella and Spiderman but they know they aren't real people.

We like to keep the focus on what the focus should be this time of year. Jesus, family, friends and food!

FYI-they don't believe in the Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny either. :)

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