Sunday, December 23, 2012

Silly String!

Tonight Ryan and I were bored! We had plans but they fell through so we were just at home. Well you know Ryan and sitting at home don't mix! Wesley had walked over from Aunt Lisa's so we decided to go prank everyone! 

We went to the dollar store and bought a ton of Silly String and the to the Fireworks Store to buy those streamer pop things. First we hit up Whitney. The funny thing is she was asleep in the recliner. We really scared her! 

 Next we went and picked Jordan and Evan up from their grandmas and brought them to Whitney's and then got them! They said they were wondering why we just randomly came and picked them up.
These won't go back in order.

 Next we went to Aunt Cheryl's to get her. She said when she saw all of at the door she thought we were there to sing her Christmas Carols! ha! By this time Whit, Jordan and Evan had all joined us. Lil' Ryan was at work and Lindsey goes to bed at 6 pm.

This turned into a progressive dinner. We had Reese's at Whitney's and when we got to Aunt Cheryl's she had spaghetti and pecan pie. (You know your family likes to eat when they just randomly have enough food to feed everyone. Even when they have no idea you are coming over.)
These are out of order...we actually went to Aunt Lisa's last. When she saw all of us she knew because she was at the house when we planned it. It was still fun!
 Tanner got a little swirly action!
We went to Mom's after Aunt Cheryl's and she got it the worst. It was all over her stove and cabinets and her! She had ham, dressing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, rolls and loaded mashed potatoes for all of us. Oh, and chocolate cake! :) 
Aunt Velvet wasn't home or we would have gotten her too! It was a really fun night! Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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