Saturday, December 22, 2012

What have we been up to?

Miss me? I promise to get better at keeping up with the blog. When I don't it stresses me out so I told myself I wasn't going to worry about it this month. This is the craziest month for me at work and then throw Christmas in on top of that and it's INSANE!!!

Scout the Window is back! They thought the green milk was absolutely hilarious!
 My rental car got broken into in Atlanta. One more reason why I hate big cities!
 When it was Ryan's night to set up the elf he made him fly. They also loved that!
 We took the boat out. This is one of my favorite things about Mobile-warm weather all year round!

 I love these 3 kiddos!!
 We celebrated Aunt Whitney's birthday! I told yall that Blakeley loves me more, she doesn't cry like that when I hold her. :)
 We went to the North Pole stroll (do not recommend this) and Chill with friends!
 We went to Ryan's work's Christmas party and celebrated our 8th Anniversary.
 We have loved on this sweet girl every chance we get! She's getting so big!!
We went Ice Skating. Well they went Ice Skating, I just watched. The last thing I need to do is break my leg. Everyone knows I'm not known for my grace!

 After Ice Skating we rode the ferris wheel at the Wharf and Tanner was TERRIFIED!!!!
 We've played dress up numerous times!

 We celebrated Jesus's birthday at our annual Happy Birthday Jesus party!
 And we've drank lots and lots of hot chocolate!
Christmas is in just a few days and surprisingly I'm actually ready! It feels good to have everything done and to just get to sit back and rest. I'm thankful I am done because Tanner has the flu! We took him to the doctor Thursday night and they gave us the bad news. Thankfully they gave Ry some medicine to help prevent it so I'm hoping she doesn't get it as well.

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