Tuesday, November 6, 2012

If I were president...

Ryleigh had to do a project at school today around the election. It was called If I were president.
Mrs. Squires didn't help them at all so they had to sound all the words out themselves. Here is what she wrote...

If I were President I would do many things.

First I wood ceep the crunchtreey safe. (First, I would keep the country safe)

Next I wood mace shr everee one has a house. (Next, I would make sure everyone has a house)

Then I wood give peeple icecreem. (Then I would give people icecream)

Last I wood tacke a nap. (Last, I would take a nap)

I think she's make a great President! Ryleigh 2012!! :)

Seriously though, I hope everyone got out and voted today. I'm watching the coverage right now and just praying that Florida and Ohio swing red. I mean seriously guys, another 4 years of Obama??

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