Tuesday, August 28, 2012

She get it from her Momma

Oh Ryleigh, I want to start this post by saying how much I really do love you. Although I do love you you have a way to stress me out! This is a text I sent to your Dad the other morning before school.
Anytime I say something about you that drives me crazy Ryan responds, She get it from your Momma.

You are just so sassy!

The other day you and I were talking about something (I honestly don't even remember what) and you said "That's HUGE, like my butt!!! Well not my butt, I don't have a butt. (and as she looks ay my butt) It's HUGE like your butt!!"

I would just like to say Miss Priss, I do not have a big butt!

A few days ago it was raining and she wanted to wear your rain boots and skinny jeans. Well I firmly believe if you wear skinny jeans then you have to wear a tunic type shirt. Skinny jeans and a tight shirt just looks terrible. Even if you only weigh 36 pounds. Anyway though, I was trying to get her to wear this super cute shirt that was real flowey and matched her rain boots and she wasn't going for it. I said "Why won't you wear this? It's so cute! I would wear it if it was in my size."

And no lie ya'll she looked me dead in the eyes and said...

"Yea, you would wear it because you wear ugly clothes. I do not wear ugly clothes, ever!"

There's nothing like a 6 year old telling you that you dress bad to make you reevaluate your wardrobe.

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