Thursday, August 30, 2012


Man oh man oh man...we have a long year ahead of us. The first day of school the kids pretty much jumped out of bed and were ready for school. Even though Tanner said he wasn't happy about it he got up and went. The 2nd day was a little worse but not to bad and by Wednesday I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown.

Thursday and Friday went by in a blur and the light at the end of the tunnel was here. THE GLORIOUS WEEKEND!!!!

The glorious weekend that was beautiful but had a looming threat of a hurricane so we spent a good part of Sunday getting ready for the storm. Some friends came over to change the oil in the generators and make sure they were running.

While everyone else wants a generator to run their frig so their food doesn't go bad, I want one to run a window unit AC. I couldn't care less about the food in my refrigerator if I'm sweating like a crazy person. Besides, my mom is across the street and has food a plenty! :) For the record, I would have invited her over to enjoy my AC as well.

While getting the generators ready we got the call that school would be out Monday-Wednesday! When Christy and I told the kids they literally screamed with delight. So then we all walked to moms for dinner and played in the yard until well past dark. It's what I miss most about Summer, playing outside with friends when bedtimes don't matter.

It made me REALLY REALLY miss Summer. Oh, how I miss it!!

We rode out the "storm" that was barely even rain and enjoyed the gift of a few days of Summer.

I know some parents were saying how it was ridiculous we were out of school and how they didn't know why I was excited because we were going to have to make it up (I've heard we don't have to...has anyone else heard that?) But I live in the now and the now meant no school!! Whoop Whoop!

We brought the king sized mattress into the living room and Ryan joined us on it all day Tuesday and Wednesday.

This morning we got up to go to school and were headed there when we heard their were tornado warnings and that if the kids didn't go to school today that it didn't count against them.

So I'll give you one guess on what we did...we turned the car around ad changed back into the pajamas we had just taken off.

Thank you Isaac for a few more days of having my sidekicks home with me. I really didn't think I'd miss them when they went to school but I really have!

And they'll probably stay home tomorrow because really, who should start their week on a Friday before a holiday?? Not us!

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