Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New School Year

Monday started a new school year for Ryleigh and Tanner. I was really really sad. Not as most people are about their kids growing up but because they wouldn't be home with me to have fun everyday!

Tan Man started kindergarten. He wasn't really excited about it. He kinda got into packing his lunch and snack but our morning didn't go so well. I had gotten up eary andmade colored pancakes, our tradition to mark special occasions. Once we started getting dressed everything went South. They didn't want to get dressed, Ryleigh didn't want to wear the plaid skirt I had ironed for her. Tanner didn't want to tuck in his shirt because is made him look like a dork (and technically I agree with him, I think Polo shirts shouldn't be tucked in. He actually has probably only tucked in a shirt like 3 times in his life). Then they didn't want to brush their teeth. They were just so whiny! 

I mean, I get it. We've had the whole Summer with no alarm clocks or nowhere to be at 8 am! Thankfully Mom walked over around 7:30 and saved the day. Between the both of us we were able to get them dressed, teeth brushed and out the door on time. We even managed to get a few pictures. 

 Ryleigh of course was excited and got up by herself Monday morning. Other than her wardrobe crisis, (how dare I think she would want to wear a UGLY plaid skirt!!!!) her morning went well. She was excited to be going into 1st grade! She looked to big walking in school. Their classrooms are right beside each other so Tanner was excited to know that Ry was right by him all day.

Once we got to school Tanner was ok. He went right in and sat down. He didn't want me to leave at first but was ok when I did. Ryleigh walked right in and spoke to almost everyone walking down the hall. It's so funny to see her interact with her friends. Both of their teachers said they had a great day!! Tanner even moved to Purple which is the best you can be!! Ry was very jealous, lol!

I'm so thankful that even though our morning got off to a rough start that their days went well. I love these 2 and I can't wait to see what God has in store for them this year!

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