Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend Project

This weekend we started a little project. We built Tan Man a loft bed. We had talked about it before but never really did anything. Bless his heart his room has always been kinda an afterthought. He doesn't sleep in there normally so we never really "did it up." Well since I'm home I was on a mission to redo it. I LOVE the idea of a loft bed for kids to give them more room to play. 

We started it on Saturday and finished it up on Sunday afternoon with only 2 trips to Lowe's :)  I use the term "we" loosely, as Ryan did 99.9999% of the work. 
 With a little help from Tan Man.

 Here is the almost finished product. I still have to stain it and I plan to do that this week. He LOVES it!! It turned out really good. I like that he has a little seating/play area under his bed. We had a slide that we were going to hook to the other side but when we did they were basically sliding into the wall. So we vetoed that idea. 

I'm so thankful for a husband who can do/build/make almost anything. I love that we don't have to call someone when something breaks or we want to build something, he can pretty much do anything. To buy a bed like this at Rooms To Go is almost $ cost for us...$113! So props to Ryan for being a pretty awesome Dad! Love you! 
And while I'm on the subject of making stuff...My mom went to Tammy's this weekend and came back with this awesome cushion Tammy made me. It's from an old burlap sack that was used for coffee back in the day. the bench is in my foyer and I love how it turned out!
The kids start school tomorrow so say a prayer for us, please!

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