Monday, August 6, 2012

Dear Ryan

Dear Ryan,

I owe you, I owe you big. You have given me the best Summer ever and I owe it all to you. At the beginning of the Summer our future was very uncertain and shaky. You took what was a very dramatic situation to me and made it into something wonderful.

You told me to take some time off.

At first I though you were CRAZY!!! Me, stay at home?? No way! But I decided to try it.

I can't say that I've loved every minute of it but I can say it's been the best Summer of my life.
I've gotten to spend quality time with my kids making memories.

However fun it's been for me, I know it's been hard on you. Me not working meant you working four 12 hour shifts instead of four 10 hour shifts. It also meant that you didn't get to see us as much as before. I know that's been the hardest part for you. You are the most involved Dad I've ever seen so not seeing your kids every day hasn't been easy for you. We've spent the majority of the Summer on the road and at the beach going days or sometimes weeks between seeing you. Thank you for the sacrifice.

Thank you for being my husband and loving me during this uncertain time in our lives. Thanks for your  hard work. We make a great team!

Are you sure I have to go back to work in 4 weeks??

Peace out from the beach, we will see you Thursday!

I love you!

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