Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend in the Woods

This past weekend my entire family headed to a weekend in the woods. 20 people+3 cabins+ a cabin mix up that resulted in us only having 6 beds= an interesting weekend! 

We went down on Thursday afternoon and it rained pretty bad on Thursday so we just stayed in that night and played card games. We prayed really hard for no rain the rest of the weekend and it didn't rain! We went to Flint Creek in Wiggins, MS.

Look how much darker my legs are than Whitney's! She looks like someone off of Twilight!

One of my favorite things about the weekend was that I didn't fix my hair or put makeup on at all. It was glorious!

Uncle Ronnie and Tanner bonded over fishing stories.
LOVE this girl, the end.
Evan will be a senior this year and is being scouted by a lot of professional baseball teams. He'll probably end up signing pro right out of high school in the first few rounds of the draft. Needless to say I'm way nicer to him than I have ever been, lol! I'm kidding. Evan and I have always had a special bond. I think it's because we are the moodiest and best looking 2 in the family! :) We are so proud of you Evan!

Look!!!! Whit can wakeboard!!! She stayed up for 10 seconds!

Here's the cabins we stayed in. They were all 3 right beside each other but secluded from any other cabins. Other than the bed situation they were perfect! They had AC and hot water and that's all I care about.
We really did have a great time. There were some small arguments, some tears, lot and lots of laughs, some good stories told and some great memories made. I'm so thankful for my family and weekends like these.

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