Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Is cuddler even a word? I'm assuming so since it didn't get the red squiggly line underneath it as I typed it. My sweet Tan Man is a cuddler. He loves to get right on top of you when he's sleeping. Normally the person he is snuggled up next to is Ryleigh. She's like me and doesn't like people touching her when she's asleep so he normally gets snuggled up to her once she's asleep.

The other night Ry spent the night with a friend and mom kept Tanner. She texted me this picture with the caption "He misses Ryleigh!" He looked so cute snuggled up to moms pillow. 
Last night I tucked them into separate beds because they were mad at each other and Tanner didn't want to sleep by a "stinky girl!" When I got back from running and went and checked on them this is how I found Tanner...snuggled up with his Elephant.
How sweet is that little boy?!

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