Sunday, January 29, 2012


Friday night we babysat 2 of the cutest kids! Our friends Kris and Tina hadn't had a date night in quite awhile so I offered to keep their kids for them. Ryan and Tanner were originally going hunting but changed their mind when they found out this cute little boy was coming over. 
Ryan calls himself "The Baby Whisperer" He says he's never met a baby who didn't like him. Well Tina had been trying to get Fisher to eat baby food and he'll never eat it. That morning she had opened a jar of bananas and could only get him to eat one or two bites. Ryan told her to send some babyfood and of course Ryan got him to eat the whole thing!

I texted Tina those pictures and a picture of the empty jar. She wrote back, "Man, he is the baby whisperer!!"

We also kept the beautiful Madi but she's 2 and literally doesn't slow down...AT ALL!!!! So this was the only picture I could get of her! She is also a machine who doesn't go to sleep until like midnight! She kept me up way past my bedtime!! We had a lot of fun keeping them though. I think Tina was nervous about leaving them with me at first. Who are we kidding, we all know I'm not a baby person. She felt a lot better when she knew that the baby whisperer was going to be home as well! Lol!

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