Friday, January 27, 2012


One of my favorite things about Ryleigh getting a cell phone and also learning to read is the random text I get all the time. (I still think Ryan is crazy for getting her a phone, FYI)

Here are some of the text from the past few days...
She is taking Accelerated Reading test at school. That's what the 100 is about. So far she's made a 100 on everyone! I also love how when she misspelled am she corrected it in the next text.

I love how she wrote Copper wasn't home. She got home from school and Ryan had taken Cooper with him to Lowe's and she was really upset about it. 

She's getting so big! Ryan and I both have said how much we love getting text from her. She's gotten a lot better at it. She used to text the weirdest words and we would have no idea what she was saying. I love when she's sounding a word out and spells it the way it sounds instead of the way it's  spelled. 

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