Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Tanner is obsessed with Mohawks! He wants one so bad. You may remember that we tried one a few years ago on him and bless his heart his hair isn't cut out for it. It doesn't help that Ryan gets one every summer. I don't remember if I mentioned that Ryan went snow skiing this past week but he did and he brought Tan Man the best surprise....a mohawk hat! Tanner loved it! He wanted to wear it to school today so I let him. When my friend Christy saw him (her sons in Tan's class) she thought it was crazy hat day and they had forgotten! lol! Nope, not crazy hat day just crazy Tanner. 
 When he got to school I got the following 2 picture text from Mrs Carter with these texts:

Mrs. Carter: What state did Dad get Tanner's hat?

Me: West that what you meant? (I had no idea why she was asking me what state it was bought in instead of store) He's a mess! He was excited it was kinda cold and he could wear it today.

M.C: So cute! Everyone wants one like it! He told everyone that his dad got it on a trip. We are talking about the states so we wanted to know where it came from. They all want to try it on. I said no but you can feel it, lol!

 When she texted about everyone wanting to feel it she sent this picture! I died laughing! Tanner was eating that attention up, I'm sure.
Me: That's hilarious! Sorry for the disruption of class. Leave it to the Stokley Family to do that, lol!

M.C: No disruption! We turned it into learning too! Loved it!

Oh how I'm going to miss ABC next year. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Did I mention I LOVE them???

Thank you Mrs. Carter for loving my little boy! We appreciate you more than you know!

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